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Angela Gamble, BS, LATG
OAW Compliance Manager
Phone: 434-924-5752
Email: adr8s

OAW Location & Contacts
Cobb Hall, Room S-052 & S-055
P.O. Box 800720
Charlottesville, VA
Fax: 434-982-4092
Email: animalwelfare

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The Office of Animal Welfare at University of Virginia is responsible for ensuring that animal research is conducted in the most humane manner possible and in full compliance with all relevant regulations and policies. The University prides itself on its animal care and use program and strives for research excellence while fully utilizing the 3 R's of animal alternatives. Formal training in the care and use of research animals is an integral component of our animal research program, and is not only good practice but is required by federal regulations. In order to meet this need, the Office of Animal Welfare has developed a multi-component program consisting of classroom seminars, web-based training, hands-on workshops, training CDs, and individualized training as needed.

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