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Bankard Fund for Political Economy Funded Articles

Title: A classroom exercise: voting by ballots and feet. (Targeting Teaching)
Author(s): Roger HewettCharles A. HoltGeorgia Kosmopoulou, Christine Kymn, Cheryl X. LongShabnam Mousavi and Sudipta Sarangi
Source: Southern Economic Journal 
Published: July 2005
Volume 72, Issue 1, p253

Title: Dynamic pricing and learning in electricity markets
Author(s): Alfredo GarciaEnrique Campos-Nanez and James Reitzes 
Source: Operations Research 
Published: March-April 2005
Issue 53 Volume 2, p231 

Title: Risk Aversion and Incentive Effects: New Data without Order Effects
Author(s): Charles A. Holt and Susan K. Laury
Source: The American Economic Review
Published: June 2005
Vol. 95, No. 3, pp. 902-904

Title: The Amsterdam Auction
Author(s): Jacob K. Goeree and Theo Offerman
Source: Econometrica
Published: January 2004
Vol. 72, No. 1, pp. 281-294.

Title: Income uncertainty and optimal redistribution
Author(s): Brent Kreider. 
Source: Southern Economic Journal 
Published: Jan 2003
Volume 69 Issue 3, p718 

Title: Nontariff barriers and trade liberalization
Author(s): Simon P. Anderson and Nicolas Schmitt 
Source: Economic Inquiry 
Published: January 2003
Volume 41 Issue 1, p80 

Title: Not your father's pension plan: The rise of 401(k) and other defined contribution plans.(Statistical Data Included)
Author(s): Leora Friedberg and Michael T. Owyang 
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review 
Published: Jan-Feb 2002
Volume 84 Issue 1, p23 

Title: Efficiency in Auctions with Private and Common Values: An Experimental Study
Author(s): Jacob K. Goeree and Theo Offerman
Source: The American Economic Review
Published: June 2002
Vol. 92, No. 3, pp. 625-643

Title: The Political Economy of the Securities Act of 1933
Author: Paul G. Mahoney
Source: The Journal of Legal Studies
Published: January 2001
Vol. 30, No. 1, pp. 1-31

Title: Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Firm: The Impact of Economic Scale on Political Participation
Author: Stan Humphries
Source: American Journal of Political Science
Published: July 2001
Vol. 45, No. 3, pp. 678-699.

Title: Human Capital Accumulation and Endogenous Public Expenditures
Author(s): Gerhard Glomm and B. Ravikumar
Source: The Canadian Journal of Economics
Published: August 2001
Vol. 34, No. 3, pp. 807-826

Title: Pricing, product diversity, and search costs: a Bertrand-Chamberlin-Diamond model
Author(s): Simon P. Anderson and Regis Renault 
Source: RAND Journal of Economics 
Published: Winter 1999
Volume 30, Issue 4, p719 

Title: Social Democracy Going Down or Down Under: Institutions, Internationalized Capital, and Indebted States
Author: Herman Schwartz
Source: Comparative Politics
Published: April 1998
Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 253-272

Title: Conspiracies and Secret Discounts in Laboratory Markets
Author(s): Douglas D. Davis and Charles A. Holt
Source: The Economic Journal
Published: May 1998
Vol. 108, No. 448, pp. 736-756.

Title: The Role of Premarket Factors in Black-White Wage Differences
Author(s): Derek A. Neal and William R. Johnson
Source: Journal of Political Economy
Published: October 1996
Volume 104, Issue 5 pp. 869-95

Title: Household Responses to Pricing Garbage by the Bag
Author(s): Don Fullerton and Thomas C. Kinnaman
Source: The American Economic Review
Published: September 1996
Vol. 86, No. 4. pp. 971-984

Title: Estimating family long-term care decisions in the presence of endogenous child characteristics
Author(s): Steven Stern 
Source: Journal of Human Resources 
Published: Summer 1995
Volume 30, Number 3 pp551-580 

Title: Oligopolistic Competition and the Optimal Provision of Products
Author(s): Simon P. Anderson, André de Palma and Yurii Nesterov
Source: Econometrica
Published: November 1995
Vol. 63, No. 6. pp. 1281-1301.

Title: The Loser's Curse
Author(s): Charles A. Holt and Roger Sherman
Source: The American Economic Review
Published: June 1994
Vol. 84, No. 3. pp. 642-652.

Title: Market Power and Mergers in Laboratory Markets with Posted Prices
Author(s): Douglas D. Davis and Charles A. Holt
Source: The RAND Journal of Economics
Published: Autumn 1994
Vol. 25, No. 3, pp. 467-487

Title: Reply: Safe Harbors and a Proposal to Improve the Community Reinvestment Act
Author: Peter P. Swire
Source: Virginia Law Review
Published: March 1993
Vol. 79, No. 2 pp. 349-382

Title: Bank Insolvency Law Now That It Matters Again
Author: Peter P. Swire
Source: Duke Law Journal
Published: December 1992
Vol. 42, No. 3, pp. 469-556

Title: Public versus Private Investment in Human Capital: Endogenous Growth and Income Inequality
Author(s): Gerhard Glomm and B. Ravikumar
Source: The Journal of Political Economy
Published: August 1992
Vol. 100, No. 4, pp. 818-834

Bankard Fund for Political Economy Funded Books

Handbook on the Economics of Discrimination
By William M. Rodgers
Chapter 4 by Lisa R. Anderson, Roland G. Fryer and Charles A. Holt
Published 2006
Edward Elgar Publishing
304 pages
ISBN 1840649151

Rebuilding Germany: The Creation of the Social Market Economy, 1945-1957
By James C. Van Hook
Published 2004
Cambridge University Press
328 pages
ISBN 0521809290

For All These Rights: Business, Labor, and the Shaping of America's Public-Private Welfare State
By Jennifer Klein
Published 2003
Princeton University Press
376 pages
ISBN 0691070563

The Economics of Residential Solid Waste Management
By Thomas C. Kinnaman
Published 2003
423 pages
ISBN 0754623238

The Economics of Household Garbage and Recycling Behavior
By Don Fullerton, Thomas C. Kinnaman
Published 2002
Edward Elgar
203 pages

Karl Marx: The Burden of Reason (Why Marx Rejected Politics and the Market)
By Allan Megill
Published 2002
Rowman & Littlefield
400 pages
ISBN 0742511669

Equilibrium, Markets and Dynamics: Essays in Honour of Claus Weddepohl
By Roald Ramer, Cees Withagen, Claus Weddepohl
Retiring Rich pp. 197-207
By Jacob K. Goeree
Published 2002
344 pages
ISBN 3540434704

Funding Science in America: Congress, Universities, and the Politics of the Academic Pork Barrel
By James D. Savage
Published 1999
Cambridge University Press
240 pages
ISBN 0521794617

The Black-White Test Score Gap
By Christopher Jencks, Meredith Phillips
Chapter 14 by William R. Johnson and Derek Neal
Published 1998
Brookings Institution Press
536 pages
ISBN 0815746105

Why the American Century?
By Olivier Zunz
Published 1998
University of Chicago Press
270 pages
ISBN 0226994619

By Nelson Lichtenstein
Published 1997
University of Illinois Press
608 pages
ISBN 025206626X

Coordination and Information: Historical Perspectives on the Organization of Enterprise
By Naomi R. Lamoreaux, Daniel M. G. Raff
Chapter 3 by W. Bernard Carlson
Published 1995
University of Chicago Press
345 pages
ISBN 0226468208

Incomparable Worth: Pay Equity Meets the Market 
By Steven E. Rhoads
Published 1993
Cambridge University Press
335 pages
ISBN 0521478286

Who Bears the Lifetime Tax Burden?
By Don Fullerton, Diane Lim Rogers
Published 1993
Brookings Institution Press
ISBN 0815729936






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