Phillip Parrish

Phil ParrishPhillip Parrish is an Associate Vice President for Research and a Principal Scientist in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering. Dr. Parrish has a strong background in research management in academia, government and industry. As Associate VP Research, he is responsible for pan-university research institutes in nanoscience technology and research (nanoSTAR); the UVa Energy Leadership Group and associated initiative in Energy Systems Prototyping, Research, Innovation and Translation (ESPRIT); the VPR Latin America initiative, focused upon science, technology and innovation. Each of these efforts brings together faculty and students from across the University for interdisciplinary research, education, innovation and service. He represents the university with Department of Energy National Laboratories, including serving on the UT-Battelle, LLC Board of Governors, which manages Oak Ridge National Lab. Dr. Parrish is Principal Investigator for the Partnership for Energy Efficient, Affordable Housing Systems funded by the Virginia Tobacco Commission, and is involved in DARPA and ONR funded research in periodic cellular materials for protection from blast and ballistic protection, thermal barrier coatings for advanced aircraft engines, and materials for spintronic devices. Previously, Dr. Parrish served as Program Manager for Materials Science at DARPA, and at ONR Global-London, he served as the Associate Director for Materials Science, with overall responsibility for the ONR international program in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials; at DARPA, he was the Program Manager for the initiative in Intelligent Processing of Materials. Prior to joining UVa, Dr. Parrish was Vice President for Advanced Manufacturing Science at BDM, Inc., and President of MATSYS, Inc., a small business start-up in manufacturing controls sensing and software.