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Thomas C. Skalak

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Jeffrey Plank

Jeffrey PlankJeffrey Plank is Associate Vice President for Research.  He coordinates the identification, conceptualization, and implementation of large-scale institution-wide research initiatives, most recently the pan-University sustainability institute.  As leader of the UVA Bay Game project, Plank pioneered development of an innovative participatory simulation that now serves as a proof-of-concept for demonstrating the potential of digital and social media to motivate personal and collective behavior change for environmental conservation.  The defining features of the UVA Bay Game—its collaborative, high-impact, and “disruptive” conversion of problems into opportunities—will distinguish the University’s sustainability institute. 

In 2009 Plank completed a three-part book series on architectural photography, building restoration, and architectural history, using the American modern architect Louis Sullivan and long neglected photograph archives of his work as his case study.  A major 2008 exhibit in Chicago on this project was hailed by the Chicago Tribune as one of the 10 best of the year. 

Prior to joining the University in 1993, Plank held academic and administrative positions at the University of Southern California, Georgia Tech, and the University of Chicago.  He also has provided strategic planning, management, and fundraising counsel to the National Geographic Society, the American Research Center in Egypt, and the Leakey Foundation and has managed USAID projects in South Africa and Botswana.