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Drug Discovery Forum – September 20, 2012
Claude Moore Medical Education Center

As we learn more about fundamental biological processes and their roles in disease, there are increased opportunities for targeted drug discovery that will accelerate basic and clinical research. The objectives of the “Drug Discovery Forum” are to: 1) catalyze interactions among researchers working in drug discovery, 2) introduce the discovery process to colleagues, who might become interested or see opportunities for collaborations, and 3) determine how to move drug discovery forward at UVa. We will discuss assay design, initial discovery of small molecules and biologics, delivery systems, clinical trials, regulatory issues, and commercialization. To promote cross-fertilization, we have invited speakers from diverse disciplines, using different approaches.

The meeting will take place between 1:00pm and 6:00pm in the Learning Studio of the Claude Moore Medical Education Center on Thursday September 20, 2012. The Dean of the School of Medicine, Steven T. DeKosky and Provost, John D. Simon will provide opening remarks and will be followed by four sessions – Leads Discovery, Optimization & Development, Clinical Trials and Commercialization. The format for the meeting is a series of short presentations (5 minutes, no more than 2 slides) to introduce a specific topic relevant to the drug discovery/commercialization process, followed by an extended discussion. We will also have Bryan Roth, Director of the NIMH Psychoactive Drug Screening Program at University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill. At the end of the meeting there will be an opportunity for networking and socializing.

Registration for this meeting is closed. If you would still like to attend please contact Nikki Watson

For a list of presenters you can download the Forum Flyer here.


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