UVa E-cupThe 2014 UVa Entrepreneurship Cup Final will be held Nov. 21, 2014.

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Welcome to the Entrepreneuship Cup at the University of Virginia! This year, the 2014 E-CUP Final will be held on Friday, November 21, 1pm-6pm. For more information about the E-Cup and how it works, please browse the links on the right. Questions? Contact Cheryl Wagner.

New this year will be a theme-based competition using four themed tracks instead of holding competitions in each school. Students have always been allowed and encouraged to enter the competition of their choosing, and the idea of themes is designed to help compare “apples to apples” in the competition.

Two finalists from each themed track move forward to the E-cup finals (on November 21). In the E-cup finals, all tracks compete with each other directly. Given the logistical challenge this presents for UVa-Wise, they will hold their track across all themes, sending one overall winner to the E-cup finals.

Special thanks to Third Security LLC and Vonage and for their generous sponsorship of the UVa Entrepreneurship Cup.

Scheduled Entrepreneurship Events 2014

Procrastinator's Pitch Clinic
DATE: October 17
LOCATION: #9 Elliewood
PRICE: one nickel
More info here.
Included with a visit to the Clinic will be coffee plus donut or danish.

Date Time Event Location
09/24 5-7 pm Ideation & Team Building Thornton, D221
09/30 5-6:30 pm Commercializing Technology Seminar Darden, iLab
10/01 5-7 pm Telling & Selling Thornton, D221
10/08 5-7 pm Writing Your Concept with Marc Lefar, CEO Vonage Thornton, D221
10/09 5-6:30 pm Anatomy of a Startup Pitch Commerce School
10/15 5-7 pm Intellectual Property - Protecting Your Ideas Thornton, D221
10/30 5-7 pm Anatomy of a Pitch Thornton, D221
11/06 5-8 pm Medical Technologies/Health Care Track Semi-Finals TBD
11/06 6-8:30 pm Social Entrepreneurship Track Semi-Finals Garrett Hall
11/06 5-8 pm Consumer Goods and Services/B2B Track Semi-Finals Rouss Robertson, 258
11/06 1-3 pm UVa-Wise Track Semi-Finals Bascom Slemp Student Center
11/07 2-5 pm Technology/Media/Telecommunications Track Semi-Finals MEC, 205
11/21 1-6 pm Entrepreneurship Cup Batten, Great Hall