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Many of the University's publications have electronic versions. A compilation of these publications may be found at UVA Today. Below are articles that reference the University's graduate programs and/or graduate students. Submissions may be sent to

News Archive: 2008

Husk Power for India (graduate students Manoj Sinha and Charles Ransler referenced); 12.24.08; The New York Times

U.Va. and Community Launch Collaborative Science & Art Project; 12.08.08; UVA Today

January Teaching Workshop Features Psychologist Jonathan Haidt; 12.05.08; UVA Today

Grant from Henry Luce Foundation to Establish STEM Fellowships; 12.03.08; Research News

A World of Experience [U.Va. alumni endows chemical engineering graduate assistantship]; Fall 2008; U.Va. Engineer

U.Va. Nursing School Grants Commonwealth's First Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree; 11.21.08; UVA Today

Researchers Aim to Attract and Keep Women and Minority Students in Computer Science; 11.17.08; UVA Today

At the Crossroads of Science and Diversity; 11.05.08; Department of Biology Newsletter

Biology Graduate Students Reach Out; 11.05.08; Department of Biology Newsletter

Rident Stolidi Verba Latina (profile of English doctoral student Arthur Rogers); 10.23.08; Rocktown Weekly

MURI Focus: The Information Advantage; Fall 2008; IMPACT

Scholars' Lab Helps U.Va. Graduate Students Expand Their Research; 09.12.08; UVA Today

Class Looks at the Roots of the Black Family; 08.12.08; UVA Today

The Annual Fund in Action: Career Development; 08.11.08; Arts & Sciences Magazine

The New Enlightenment: Rumee Ahmed Speaks Out for Reconciliation through Religion; 08.11.08; Arts & Sciences Magazine

Collaboration and Sharing Expertise is Focus of Multidisciplinary Graduate Course; 08.06.08; UVA Today

You Are What You Eat: Course Examines Sociology of Food; 08.05.08; UVA Today

Up, Up and Away: U.Va. Campers Launch Weather Balloon (graduate students Luke Sitka, Amy Germundson, and Deanna Vogt referenced); 07.29.08; UVA Today

Pictures at His Own Exhibition; 07.28.08; UVA Today

Iraq: The Army Knew Better (by public policy graduate student R. Joseph Parrott); 07.28.08; History News Network

23 University of Virginia Student Receive Virginia Space Grant Consortium Scholarships; 07.24.08; UVA Today

Scriptural Reasoning Program Alters Traditional Religion (interview with religious studies graduate student Jacob Lynn Goodson); 07.22.08; C-ville

Shot Putter Nelson Almost Missed Olympics; 07.18.08; NBC29

Dutch Court Allows Publication of Mifare Secutiry Hole Research (doctoral student Karsten Nohl referenced); 07.18.08; CNET News

U.Va. Architecture School [Graduate] Students Help Community Envision a Sustainable South Bronx; 07.17.08; UVA Today

Ernst and Young [Graduate] Student-Employees Volunteer in Charlottesville Community; 07.16.08; UVA Today

Mechatronics Rocks (graduate student Gavin Garner referenced); 07.15.08; UVA Today

The Iran Letters – Part II: Questions and Answers on Iran’s Nuclear Program (by history doctoral student Barin Kayaoglu); 07.14.08; The Journal of Turkish Weekly Opinion

Review: The Science of Addiction (by doctoral student Carlton K. Erickson); 07.08.08; Metapsychology Online Reviews

U.Va. Engineering Co-op Graduate Program Addressing Water Resources Challenges in the Commonwealth; 07.08.08; UVA Today

Good Golf Players See The Hole As Larger Than Poor Players (graduate students Sally Linkenauger & Jonathan Bakdash referenced); 07.08.08; ScienceDaily

[Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies] Roseanne Ford Gives Students the Confidence to be an Engineer; 07.05.08; UVA Today

Graduate Research Program Targets Water Resources in Areas of Critical National Need; 07.01.08; UVA Today

The Iran Letters -- Part I: From the Inside, Iran Looks Much Bigger (by history doctoral student Barin Kayaoglu); 06.28.08; The Journal of Turkish Weekly Opinion

Radio Telescopes Reveal Unseen Galactic Cannibalism (graduate student Cheng-Yu Kuo referenced); 06.23.08; ScienceDaily

Thomas Skalak Named Vice President for Research at the University of Virginia; 06.12.08; UVA Today

DeKosky Appointed Dean of University of Virginia School of Medicine; 06.12.08; UVA Today

How Senators Obama and McCain Can Help Iraq Before the Elections (by history doctoral student Barin Kayaoglu); 06.10.08; The Journal of Turkish Weekly Opinion

Venture Philanthropists; June 2008; Arts & Sciences Magazine

A Rising Star in Astronomy; June 2008; Arts & Sciences Magazine

The Annual Fund in Action: Graduate Teaching Assistants; June 2008; Arts & Sciences Magazine

U.Va. Graduate Student Jortner Receives Newcombe Fellowship; 05.28.08; UVA Today

U.Va. Nursing Students Use Writing to Improve Their Skills, Cope with Stressful Hospital Environment (graduate students Deborah Gleason-Morgan and Cecilia Venzon referenced); 05.23.08; UVA Today

Miller Center Awards 2008-09 Fellowships to Nine Accomplished Scholars; 05.22.08; UVA Today

Now Diplomacy is Appeasement? (by history doctoral student Robert Rakove); 05.22.08; San Francisco Chronicle

U.Va. Nursing Doctoral Student Michael Cary Receives Inaugural Johnson & Johnson/American Association of Colleges of Nursing Minority Nurse Faculty Scholars Award; 05.21.08; UVA Today

What a Girl Wants (in Computer Games); Spring 2008; Curry Online

Digging Deeper Into Factors Affecting Teacher Quality; Spring 2008; Curry Online

Like Mother Like Son; Spring 2008; Curry Online

The Heart of a Leader; Spring 2008; Curry Online

Equipped to Be One Extraordinary Social Studies Teacher; Spring 2008; Curry Online

[Graduate] Students Envision MaJeff in 2018; 05.19.08; C-ville

Jefferson Scholars Foundation Awards $7.65 Million in Academic Aid; 05.13.08; UVA Today

New CHS Head [and U.Va. Doctoral Student] Has Eye on Achievement Gap; 05.07.08; The Daily Progress

U.Va. Graduate Students Secure Esteemed NSF Fellowships; 05.06.08; Research News

Dorrie K. Fontaine –- Seasoned Scholar, Clinician, Administrator –- Appointed Dean of University of Virginia School of Nursing; 05.02.08; UVA Today

Meredith Jung-En Woo, Expert on International Political Economy, Appointed Dean of U.Va.'s College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; 04.24.08; UVA Today

University of Virginia Graduate Student's New Method for Processing Rape Evidence Could Eliminate Crime-Lab Backlogs; 04.24.08; UVA Today

Homegrown' Engineering Researcher at University of Virginia Lands Prestigious Truman Fellowship; 04.17.08; UVA Today

Physics [Graduate] Student's Personal Library Wins University of Virginia Book-Collecting Contest; 04.14.08; UVA Today

Faculty Senate Awards $25,000 Dissertation-Year Fellowships; 04.08.08; The Daily Progress

U.Va. Students' 'Field' Trip Touts Land Preservation; 04.15.08; The Daily Progress

The Moral Life of Cubicles (by sociology gradaute student David Franz); 04.14.08; The New Atlantis

Those "Undemocratic" Party Conventions Were More Democratic Than You Think (by history doctoral student Mark D. Nevin); 03.31.08; History News Network

Grad Student Research Showcase Draws Crowds to Newcomb; 03.27.08; UVA Today

U.Va.'s Darden School Looks to the Future; 03.27.08; WCAV

Musical Frankensteins: When a robot makes music, what does it sound like? (graduate students Scott Barton, Troy Rogers, Steven Kemper referenced); 03.20.08; The University of Virginia Magazine E-Newsletter

Forum Allows Graduate Students to Present Their Research; 03.19.08; UVA Today

Security Code Easy Hacking for U.Va. Student (graduate student Karsten Nohl referenced); 02.28.08; The Daily Progress

Group Demonstrates Security Hole in World's Most Popular Smartcard (graduate student Karsten Nohl referenced); 02.26.08; UVA Today

Objects Sing at Itspace (graduate student Peter Traub referenced); 02.25.08; National Public Radio

A Prime Time to Fight Crime, with Science (graduate student Jessica Norris referenced); 02.24.08; The Star-Ledger

Urban Livestock: A Tender Issue (by history doctoral student Benjamin Shorts); 02.11.05; The New West

Doctoral Students Earn 'Excellence in Scholarship' Awards; 02.06.08; Research News

Becoming Dr. Rock: Grad Student Seriously Studies Local Music; 02.05.08; C-ville

Where the Writer's Are: The Associated Writers and Writing Programs Conference (graduate student Sierra Bellows referenced); 02.02.08; Los Angeles Times

U.S. Universities Strive to Increase Student Diversity: University of Virginia Wins Award for Graduate Student Program; 01.29.08;

Instrument Beginning of 'Huge Robot Orchestra' (graduate students Scott Barton, Troy Rogers, Steven Kemper referenced); 01.24.08; The Daily Progress

At Heart, a Baptist Preacher (book review by graduate student Jenny McBride); 01.21.08; Christianity Today

Study Uncovers Method for Repressing Deadly Parasite (graduate students Doug Boettner, Alicia Linford, Sarah Buss & Eddie Moreno referenced); 01.21.08; The Cavalier Daily

Dreams in Academe? First, A Course in Reality; 01.20.08; The Washington Post

Out in the Cold World and Far Away from Home: Bluegrass Music in the Czech Republic (graduate student Lee Bidgood referenced); 01.10.08; Radio Praha

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