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Many of the University's publications have electronic versions. A compilation of these publications may be found at UVA Today. Below are articles that reference the University's graduate programs and/or graduate students. Submissions may be sent to

Engineering Student Receives Top Honor from Human Factors and Ergonomics Society; Dec. 22, 2009; UVA Today

SAIC Awards Seven U.Va. Students Research Stipends Totaling More Than $100,000; Dec. 17, 2009; UVA Today

January Teaching Workshop to Include Study-Abroad Focus; Dec. 4, 2009; UVA Today

The Global Impact of the Fed's Cheap Dollar Policy (by foreign affairs doctoral student Daniel McDowell); Dec. 3, 2009; World Politics Review

Serving Those Who've Served: New U.Va. Engineering Program Tailored to Veterans; Nov. 30, 2009; UVA Today

Faculty Senate Approves a New Graduate Degree Program; Nov. 23, 2009; UVA Today

Flotation Belt Creators Buoyed With $20,000 Victory at First U.Va. Entrepreneurship Cup; Nov. 23, 2009; UVA Today

Application Deadline is Dec. 1 for Woodson Institute Fellowships; Nov. 23, 2009; UVA Today

A Win-Win Relationship: Graduate Students and Their Advisors; Nov. 11, 2009; Department of Biology Newsletter

Nobel Laureate: There Still Is Space for a Small Scientist With a Good Idea (cell biology doctoral student Maureen Bjerke referenced); Nov. 5, 2009; UVA Today

A Ray for Research: Attleboro High School Grad Working to Build Robotic Manta Ray; Nov. 2, 2009; The Sun Chronicle

2010 MFA Rankings: The Top Fifty (U.Va. ranks #3); Nov. 1, 2009; Poets & Writers

Creating Across the Interfaces: Vice President for Research Works to Galvanize Connections; Oct. 26, 2009; UVA Today

Composer and Installation Artist Peter Traub Explores Sound, Space, and Time; Oct. 26, 2009; UVA Today

U.Va. Graduate Nursing Receives $1.2 Million Grant for Leadership in Rural Health Care Project; Oct. 23, 2009; UVA Today

When Black and White Aren't Black and White (psychology doctoral student Gary Sherman referenced); Oct. 18, 2009; Miller-McCune

U.Va. Chinese Magazine Debuts This Fall (sociology graduate student Yan Haiming referenced); Oct. 12, 2009; UVA Today

Testing for Cracking; Fall 2009; IMPACT

Insulating Engines; Fall 2009; IMPACT

School of Nursing Receives Grant to Support Doctoral Study; Sep. 25, 2009; UVA Today

Grad Student Wins National Landscape Architecture Scholarship; Sep. 23, 2009; UVA Today

Scholars Lab Announces 2009-10 Graduate Fellows; Sep. 16, 2009; SHANTI News

The 'Global Central Bank' Pipe Dream (by foreign affairs doctoral student Daniel McDowell); Sep. 14, 2009; World Politics Review

Helping "Queen City" Become a Green City; Sep. 8, 2009; NBC29

Three Federal Nursing Grants Will Help Fund Graduate Students' Studies; Sep. 1, 2009; The Cavalier Daily

Shedding New Light on Tumors; Aug. 13, 2009; CNET News

Grad Students Get Presidential Management Fellowships; Aug. 11, 2009; UVA Today

New Biomaterial Could Improve Tumor Imaging (doctoral student Guoqing Zhang referenced); Aug. 10, 2009; UVA Today

Students Learn the Art of Public Speaking; Aug. 4, 2009; UVA Today

Clinical Nurse Leader Students Surprised with Scholarships; Aug. 4, 2009; UVA Today

Getting Physical to Convey Mathematical Ideas; July 24, 2009; UVA Today

Not Joking Around: Students Examine the 'World at Play' in Summer Class; July 23, 2009; UVA Today

Department of English: Graduate Student News; Jul. 9, 2009; Department of English Newsletter

U.Va. Participates With National Alliance in Expanding Diversity Among Faculty; July 2, 2009; UVA Today

'It Feels So Groovy to Say': Summer Class Digs Rock Music; June 25, 2009; UVA Today

U.Va.'s Noah Egge Wins Prestigious Knowles Science Fellowship; June 22, 2009; UVA Today

U.Va. Archeology Dig Finds Ancient Indian Artifacts (doctoral student Elizabeth Bollwerk referenced); June 17, 2009; Charlottesville Newsplex

Archeology Under Way at U.Va.'s Morven Farm (doctoral student Elizabeth Bollwerk referenced); June 16, 2009; UVA Today

U.Va. Among Leading International Universities to Sign On to Sustainability Focus and Agree to Collaborate on Ph.D. Programs; June 3, 2009; UVA Today

U.Va. Graduate Students Awarded NSF Grants; May 22, 2009; UVA Today

McIntire Department of Music: Graduate Student News; May 21, 2009; McIntire Department of Music Newsletter

Graduate Student to Investigate Jefferson's Botanic Garden; May 21, 2009; UVA Today

Angela Briggs Brings African Focus to U.Va.'s Batten School; May 20, 2009; UVA Today

Jason Franasiak: Living a Life in Balance; May 14, 2009; UVA Today

U.Va. Architecture [Graduate] Student Focuses on Landscape Design with an Eye Toward Public Service and Advocacy; May 11, 2009; UVA Today

Exercise Physiology Student Goes to the Mat; May 2009; Curry Online

Communication Disorders Student Helps Patients Overcome Monumental Obstacles; May 2009; Curry Online

Future Science Teacher Honored with Prestigious Fellowship; May 2009; Curry Online

Questioning Scripted Reading Programs; May 2009; Curry Online

Parental Involvement Not All Bad, Study Finds; May 2009; Curry Online

Uncommon Knowledge: The Secret to Better Performance: Kittens (graduate student Gary Sherman refereced); May 10, 2009; Boston Globe

New Videoconferencing Technology Possible for Cell Phone, PDAs (graduate students Timothy Brick & Jeffrey Spies referenced); May 7, 2009; UVA Today

U.Va. Awards 10 Double 'Hoo Research Grants to Undergrad-Grad Duos; May 5, 2009; UVA Today

Faculty Senate Puts Emphasis on Graduate Students; May 5, 2009; C-ville Weekly

Innovation, Re-invention Stressed as Way of the Future; Apr. 29, 2009; UVA Today

U.Va. Graduate Programs Make Top 50; Apr. 27, 2009; The Daily Progress

Names and Faces (doctoral student Ankit Tejani referenced); Apr. 26, 2009; Wilkes-Barre Times Leader

Five U.Va. Schools Make the Top 50 of U.S. News 2010 Best Graduate School Rankings; Apr. 23, 2009; UVA Today

Liberals and Conservatives Hold Different Moral Foundations (doctoral student Jesse Graham referenced); Apr. 22, 2009; PsychCentral

A New Deal for Young Workers (by economics doctoral student Elon Plotkin); Apr. 21, 2009; Campus Progress

Graduate Student Research Highlighted at State Event; Apr. 20, 2009; Research News

U.Va. Honors Great Teaching (three graduate students referenced); Apr. 15, 2009; UVA Today

G-20 Economic Summit: Faster, Higher, Stronger (by foreign affairs doctoral student Daniel McDowell); Apr. 3, 2009; World Politics Review

Doctoral Students Rewarded for Exceptional Performance; Mar. 24, 2009; UVA Today

U.Va. Faculty Senate Awards Four $25,000 Dissertation-Year Fellowships; Mar. 24, 2009; UVA Today

Leifur Eiriksson Foundation Names Six Scholarship Winners; Mar. 23, 2009; UVA Today

New Musical Instruments Battle for $10,000 in Prizes (graduate students Troy Rogers, Steven Kemper, and Scott Barton referenced); Mar. 20, 2009; Wired

Exhibition Assists Graduate Students in Presenting Research; Mar. 19, 2009; UVA Today

U.Va. Seeks an Inclusive Graduate Student Community; Mar. 17, 2009; UVA Today

Landless Daughters (economics doctoral student Tarun Jain referenced); Mar. 8, 2009; The Financial Express

IMF: Brother, Can You Spare a Billion (by foreign affairs doctoral student Daniel McDowell); Mar. 5, 2009; World Politics Review

U.Va. Doctoral Candidate Awarded [Gilder Lehrman] History Fellowship; Mar. 3, 2009; UVA Today

Curry Doctoral Student Takes Research Award; Feb. 18, 2009; UVA Today

Hailey's Heroes: [Grad Student] Jen Leyton; Feb. 12, 2009; WCAV

Three U.Va. Education Students Claim Unique Seat at Inauguration; Jan. 23, 2009; UVA Today

Collectors' Items: Quantum of Solace; The New York Times

Undergraduate Economics Major Mustn't Become Too Technical, Report Urges (economics graduate student Sarah Hastedt referenced); Jan. 3, 2009; The Chronicle of Higher Education


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