Apply for Funds

Click on the button below for the RFP. Selected proposals were invited to give an oral presentation to the Review Board and Governing Committee in Charlottesville, VA on December 13, 2013 for final funding decisions.

Proposals were due:
Friday, November 15, 2013 (by 5pm)


Applicants should submit their proposals through iStart. Detailed directions are provided below.

To Register with iStart go to

  1. Click the Login/Register button the left hand side of the screen (orange button).
  2. Since you are new to iStart, you will need to click the “Create User Account” button.
  3. You must compltely all the fields marked with an orange asterisk; you may leave all of the others fields blank. Near the bottom of the page in the “Roles and Communications” box, please indicate that you are a “Nonprofit.”
  4. Agree to the privacy policy and submit. 
  5. Check your email for your activation code, enter it, and submit.  You will now be prompted to complete your listing to initiate your application.

To Submit your proposal on iStart, go to

  1. Log into iStart using the account you have set up.
  2. For “Business Name” please use your educational institution.
  3. For “Abstract,” please list the title of your project.
  4. The next question asks you to authorize the information to be published in the public directory.  It is fine to indicate “no” at this step. This is to list your company on the iStart directory page and has nothing to do with the i6 VIP program.
  5. Agree to the participant agreement and submit. This will take you to the next page.  At the top of the page please add all your team members. This will allow everyone on your team to receive communications about the project.
  6. Complete the questions and click “return to profile” to submit your project.
    Note: Your profile will show the status of your proposal.  You can login into the site at any time before the November 15th deadline to update your proposal.

Employees at any academic institution in the Commonwealth of Virginia who are otherwise qualified to serve as principal investigators/project directors on behalf of their institutions. Investigators that have already formed a company, control the primary IP rights, or have professional management/CEO are not eligible to apply.

No institutional match on individual proof-of-concept proposals is required. Institutions will be asked to waive F&A rates for funded projects. Awards will be based on scientific and technical merit, potential for societal benefits and economic development potential.  Projects should support one of the statewide and local comprehensive economic development strategy (CEDS) priorities listed below. Awards supporting research in other relevant fields may be recommended by the Governing Committee, after consultation with the Advisory Group and/or local planning district’s CEDS committees.