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Patricia Foley, DVM, DACLAM
OAW Director
Phone: 434-924-1884
Email: plf6z

Angela Gamble, BS, LATG
OAW Compliance Manager
Phone: 434-924-5752
Email: adr8s

OAW Location & Contacts
Cobb Hall, Room S-052 & S-055
P.O. Box 800720
Charlottesville, VA
Fax: 434-982-4092
Email: animalwelfare

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Training - Decision Tree

New Animal Handler Checklist

The following DECISION TREE will help guide you in determining which training resources are mandatory (shown in boldface) for the type of animal research you will be performing, and which additional training is available (shown in normal type) relevant to your work.

After reviewing the decision tree, click on the appropriate TRAINING links above for more information on how to attend/complete each class and/or module. Advance registration is required for all seminars and classes.