Research Funding Opportunities


Annually awarded support for faculty and pre-doctoral research that will have the greatest possible influence upon the development and continuation of the public policy necessary for a healthy private business system and a healthy national economy. We welcome proposals for collaborative projects that include faculty colleagues from departments or disciplines outside of economics, business, and commerce. The 2017 request for proposals (pdf | doc) to the Bankard Fund for Political Economy fall into three categories as follows:

  • Faculty Research Projects (pdf | doc)
  • Pre-doctoral Dissertation Fellowships (pdf | doc)
  • Lectures, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences (pdf | doc)

Select publications partly funded by the Bankard Fund for Political Economy

Big Data: The Jefferson Trust “Developing Students for Leadership in Data-intensive Research and Innovation” Award

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Emeritus Small Research/Travel Grants

Small grants are available to emeritus faculty to support research- and conference travel-related expenditures. A letter of request for such funding, outlining the purpose of the request, the dates involved (if request is travel-related) and a summary of expenses should be e-mailed to Mollie Iseli at at the Office of the Vice President for Research to the Attention of Chair, Small Grants Committee.

Interim Lab

Support for worthy research previously funded by outside grants, the renewal of which is expected in the near future.

Matching Funds

Some grant proposals may require a statement of university matching funds. Researchers should submit a letter requesting a matching fund to the Vice President for Research. If the grant is approved, then these funds are available upon receipt of award.

Microbiome in Normal and Pathobiology

To promote new research directions and collaborations in the biosciences, the Office of the Vice President for Research has met with a large number of faculty groups and individuals and identified the microbiome as an emerging field with a significant potential impact on research at UVa.  The microbiome is the collective of microorganisms that reside on and within us.  While the importance of the microbiome is becoming increasingly clear, its composition and function are not well understood due to its complexity and diversity.  Many faculty members have relayed observations on how the microbiome influences homeostasis and disease in their domains of interest. 

To stimulate thinking, promote new research directions, and prepare UVa for RFAs in the area (e.g., Gut-Microbiome-Brain Interactions and Mental Health (R21/R33)  RFA-MH-14-080), we are issuing an RFP on the microbiome with the intention of nucleating new research activities in this area.  We anticipate up to 3 awards of $50K to support a new collaboration and research direction that addresses the role of the microbiome in normal or pathobiology.  The goal is to nucleate a project and provide preliminary data to move it forward.  The Office of the Vice President for Research will administer this program as part of its effort to nucleate new and interdisciplinary activities in the Biosciences.

Eligibility and Application Requirements:  The grant is for full time faculty members at the University of Virginia.

Proposal package: A project title, a 2-page, single-spaced research plan that describes the project novelty, the nature of the new collaboration, and the features that differentiate the project from ongoing research, a 2-page biosketch for each PI (with other support), and a budget with justification.  PDF format, please.

Evaluation Criteria: The VPR will appoint an ad hoc review committee to evaluate the proposals for quality, novelty, collaboration, and the likelihood of success and potential impact.

Dates: Proposals must be submitted to Meg Harris (, in the Office of the Vice President for Research by 4:00PM on April 20, 2013.  Awards will be announced by May 20.  Contact Rick Horwitz ( or Jeffrey Plank ( with any questions.


Research Support for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

In collaboration with the College of Arts & Sciences, the VPR also provides funding for the biannual research support grants in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences through a competitive grant program. Funding may be requested for up to $3,000 for any activity or expense associated with a scholarly or research project.

Funding may be requested for up to $3,000 for any activity or expense associated with a scholarly or research project. These may include (but are not limited to):

Priority is given to proposals that request support for:

  1. Activities related to scholarly and research activities, including field research and visits to archives and special collections.
  2. Preparation of novel databases for scholarly studies.
  3. Preparation of primary scholarship or creative work for publication, exhibition, or performance (books, artworks, musical compositions and performance); typically these subventions depend on a contract with a publisher, a commission, or a contracted exhibition or venue.

All full-time, regular faculty members (tenure-track and general faculty) are eligible to apply for this support, but preference will be given to individuals who do not have access to other forms of research support through their departments, the Dean's Office, the Office of the Vice President for Research or other sources of funding. Preference will also be given to faculty in continuing positions in the College.

For additional information, contact Len Schoppa at, Associate Dean for the Social Sciences and Professor of Politics.

Small Grants/Travel Grants

Funds for supplies, editing, travel to libraries, and other small requests for faculty in the humanities and social sciences departments in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Summer Stipends

The President of the University and the Dean of Arts & Sciences annually allocates funds for faculty awards to support full-time summer research in the social sciences and the humanities (including original creative works in the fine arts).  In addition, we are allowed two (2) nominees for the summer stipend program sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Faculty members who receive a U.Va. summer stipend will be expected to devote at least four consecutive weeks of the summer of the award to the project outlined in their application. (Summer here is defined as June 1 until the beginning of classes in the Fall.) They may, however, receive salary for summer teaching or summer administrative duties, provided that this salaried work occupies no more than eight consecutive weeks during the summer of the award. Alternatively, summer award recipients may accept research funds up to $10,000 from other sources for summer projects, provided that this additionally funded research occupies no more than eight consecutive weeks during the summer of the award.

Faculty members may receive summer support for no more than two consecutive years and regain eligibility after a summer without support.

44 U.Va. awards were given in 2015 including support for full, non-chaired professors. Deadlines typically are in early fall.

  • 2016 Summer Stipend Memo (pdf | doc)
  • 2016 Summer Stipend Request for Proposal (pdf | doc)
  • 2016 Summer Stipend Application (pdf | doc)

Upload (submit) your Summer Stipend proposals here.

For additional information, contact Len Schoppa at, Associate Dean for the Social Sciences and Professor of Politics.