Institutional Review Board for Health Sciences Research (IRB-HSR)

Managing Protocol After Initial Approval

Copies of IRB Documents

The IRB-HSR office often receives 30-40 requests per week for copies.

Unfortunately, when we spend much of our time making copies, there is little time left to review your submissions.

Therefore we ask you follow the steps below to obtain the copies you need. 

It is the obligation of the study team to maintain documentation for their studies. 

If you need a copy of a document check with the study team FIRST to obtain needed copies.

If the study team does not have the document, you may do one of the following to obtain copies directly from the IRB Office:

If you need only 1 or two pages copied- you may call 243-7039 or 924-5152.  The IRB staff will provide copies within a few days.

If you need multiple copies :