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IRB-HSR > Calendars & Deadlines > Meeting Dates & Deadlines 2008







Meeting Dates & Deadlines for New Protocols or Modifications - 2008

Mandatory Pre-Review for Protocols Needing Full Board Review

  • The IRB-HSR requires mandatory pre-review of a protocol to be submitted for full board review.  
  • To submit a protocol for pre-review EMAIL the Protocol Cover Sheet, Protocol and Consent(s) along with any additional  protocol (if applicable- e.g. sponsors) to Eileen Sembrowich at
  • The documents will be returned by EMAIL with tracked changes and comments.
  • The investigator should make the requested changes or write a response to any request made for which they do not agree.
  • Resend them to Eileen Sembrowich at .
  • You will receive communication from her to confirm you have made all required changes and that the protocol is ready for submission.  The researcher will be given the IRB # for the protocol at this time.  This number should be added to the documents.  DO NOT MAKE ANY ADDITIONAL CHANGES TO THE DOCUMENTS AFTER THIS POINT UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE HEARD BACK FROM THE FULL BOARD.   This step must be completed by Thursday 5 pm prior to the Submission Deadline in order for the protocol to be put on the next agenda.
  • Once you have received approval from the IRB, follow the instructions on Protocol Builder to submit the protocol to the full board for review. This would include obtaining appropriate signatures and making copies. Protocols must be submitted according to the deadline dates listed below.


PRE REVIEW Submissions
The dates below should be considered the last possible date for submission for pre-review if you wish the protocol to be considered for review by the full board on the coinciding Meeting Date (the meeting date to the right of the pre-review submission date)

Submission Deadline
If the IRB-HSR  Staff determine a submitted study is ready for review by the full board, AND you have been assigned an IRB-HSR #, bring your proposal to Davis 5, Room 5293 or to the IRB-HSR office by NOON on the agenda dates below:

Meeting Dates
For consideration on the following dates:

Friday, Dec 14

Friday, Dec. 28

Tuesday, Jan. 8

Wednesday, Jan 2

Monday, Jan. 14

Tuesday, Jan. 22

Tuesday, Jan 22

Monday, Feb. 4

Tuesday, Feb. 12

Tuesday, Feb 5

Monday, Feb. 18

Tuesday, Feb. 26

Tuesday, Feb 19

Monday, Mar. 3

Tuesday, Mar. 11

Tuesday, March 4

Monday, Mar. 17

Tuesday, Mar. 25

Tuesday, March 18

Monday, Mar. 31

Tuesday, April 8

Tuesday, April 1

Monday, April 14

Tuesday, April 22

Tuesday, April 22

Monday, May 5

Tuesday, May 13

Tuesday, May 6

Monday, May 19

Tuesday, May 27

Tuesday, May 20

Monday, June 2

Tuesday, June 10

Tuesday, June 3

Monday, June 16

Tuesday, June 24

Tuesday, June 17

Monday, June 30

Tuesday, July 8

Tuesday, July 1

Monday, July 14

Tuesday, July 22

Tuesday, July 22

Monday, Aug. 4

Tuesday, Aug. 12

Tuesday, Aug 5

Monday, Aug. 18

Tuesday, Aug. 26

Tuesday, Aug 19

Friday, Aug. 29

Tuesday, Sept. 9

Tuesday, Sep 2

Monday, Sept. 15

Tuesday, Sept. 23

Tuesday, Sep 23

Monday, Oct. 6

Tuesday, Oct. 14

Tuesday, Oct 7

Monday, Oct. 20

Tuesday, Oct. 28

Tuesday, Oct 21

Monday, Nov. 3

Tuesday, Nov. 11

Tuesday, Nov 4

Monday, Nov. 17

Tuesday, Nov. 25

Monday, Nov 17

Monday, Dec. 1

Tuesday, Dec. 9

Please see IRB-HSR Protocol Submission Process for more information.