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Required Education

The University of Virginia requires every investigator / key personnel to complete an online course on human subject protections. Key personnel include anyone who will have access to subjects or identifiable data during the course of the study (e.g.) Principal Investigator, Sub-investigators, Research Coordinators.

The CITI Program satisfies UVA's IRB online training requirement for investigators involved in human subject research. At UVA, investigators involved in human subject research are required to take online training once every three years.

Voluntary Education

Educational Activities Aimed at UVa Researchers

The IRB-HSR schedules and advertises educational workshops throughout the calendar year directed at investigators and their research associates. These workshops cover topics that include University of Virginia policies and procedures as well as federal regulatory requirements. Members of the IRB-HSR or IRB-HSR staff may present information at meetings in academic departments or give lectures in University classes, to emphasize selected aspects of human subject research, and to keep various constituencies abreast of activities of the IRB-HSR.

Educational Activities Aimed at the Community at Large

The VPR Office has developed a website for potential subjects aimed at the general population in Virginia and the surrounding communities explaining research. The website lists a number of questions a potential subject may wish to ask if approached to be a subject in a study.

The IRB-HSR also maintains a small library of materials that include books and videotapes discussing ethical and regulatory issues relating to human subjects research. These materials are available upon request to the entire UVa community.

Educational Activities Aimed at Members of the IRB-HSR

New IRB members complete an orientation with IRB- HSR staff. Additional resources for IRB members are maintained on the IRB-HSR website on the IRB Members page.

On an ongoing basis, members receive information about additional educational opportunities.

Educational Activities Aimed at Members of the University Administration

The University of Virginia provides the opportunity for professional staff members from the Office of the Vice President for Research to attend conferences or workshops on human subject issues in research. Upon return, these individuals brief appropriate members of the University community on relevant information obtained.

State Wide Educational Activities

The Virginia IRB Consortium was created to provide education in human subject research for IRB staff, IRB members and researchers throughout the state. Additional information may be found at Virginia IRB Consortium