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Advertising Approval Checklist 05/03/11
Advertising Submission Checklist 05/27/11
Age of Majority Addendum  
Age of Majority Cover Letter  
Aggregate Review Form 05/25/10
Alternative IRB of Record - Forms  
Closure Form for Grants 11/15/13
Closure Form for Protocols 12/18/14
Consent Addendum: Adult or Minor 05/24/11
Consent Addendum: Prisoner  
Consent Short forms for non-English Speaking Subjects 05/01/13
Copy Request Form 11/15/12
DSMB Charter Template  

Data Use Agreement with Instructions to PI

dbGaP Submission Certification Request Form 09/12/12
Determination of Human Subjects Research Form 02/18/15
Determination of UVa Agent Form 12/17/14
Document Submission Form 04/23/14
Emergency Use Notification to IRB-HSR 12/07/11
Exit Checklist  
Grant Information Form 09/10/12
HIPAA Authorization- Stand Alone 02/07/13
HIPAA Authorization - Stand Alone: Spanish 02/07/13
International Consent Form Template  
Investigator's Agreement 08/28/12
IRB Authorization Agreements Request Form 02/03/14
Modification Forms
Change of Status Modification Form 12/18/14
Enrollment Change Modification Form 04/23/14
Personnel Change Modification Form 10/22/14
5-Year Summary Form - Expedited Protocols 02/22/13
5-Year Summary Form - Full Board Protocols 02/22/13
Request for Modification Form 02/26/15
Medical Records Request Form  
MRI Dry Run Consent Template 04/16/12
New Expedited Protocol Submission Checklist 01/20/11
Non-UVa Batch AE Submission Form 05/25/10
Prescreening Document / Screening Log / Enrollment Log  
Post Debrief Release Form for Deception Studies  
Pregnant Partner Addendum Template  
Protocol Information Form- Humanitarian Device Exemption 05/25/10
Protocol Violation, Noncompliance, and Enrollment Exception Reporting Form 09/02/14
Public Data Set Nomination Form 09/16/11
Routing Form 04/23/14
SOM Form:  Determination of Capacity to Consent  
Sponsor Addition Form 05/25/10
Submission Checklist - Expedited 04/23/14
Submission Checklist - Full Board 04/23/14
Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement - English 07/04/14
Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement - Spanish 07/31/12
Unanticipated Problem Report Form 05/25/10
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