Institutional Review Board for Health Sciences Research (IRB-HSR)

Getting Started

Grant Submission Process

  1. If your grant/proposal includes human subject research, click here for the content which is to be included in the Human Subjects section of the grant application.
  2. When the grant is written, submit the grant application to your Grants Office.
  3. IRB-HSR certification is not needed prior to this submission.
  4. Simply write "Pending" next to IRB-HSR Approval Date.
  5. When you are notified that your application is in the "fundable range" you should submit the following to the IRB-HSR via email to
    1. One electronic version of an IRB-HSR Routing Form
    2. One PDF of the full grant/proposal application (excluding appendices)
    3. One electronic copy of the Grant Information Form.
  6. Before the IRB-HSR can certify a Grant/Proposal Application all investigators/study coordinators/key personnel must have completed Human Subject Protection Training via CITI. Only list key personnel who will have access to identifiable information from a human subject or who will have access to subjects during the research.
  7. The IRB will provide administrative certification of the grant submission. Submission to the IRB-HSR may be done at any time and does not need to meet full board submission deadlines.
  8. A Human Subjects Protection Training Certificate will be given along with the IRB-HSR Grant Certification Form after the IRB-HSR review is complete.