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Supplementary Forms to the Protocol Form

Please note: Explorer 8 has issues when downloading these forms. Please use another browser or a more current version.

Modification Submission Form (docx): If you make changes to your protocol, you need to submit a Modification Submission Form. For more information, please see Modifications.  

Continuation Request Form (docx): When your protocol is approved, the approval is active for no longer than one year. In order to continue your study, you need to submit a Continuation Request Form before the meeting that will occur before your protocol expires. For more information, please see Continuation.   

Reporting Undesirable SBS Research Events form (RUSRE form) (docx): It is possible that you will have an unexpected and/or undesirable event that occurs as a result of your study. In order to report this event, please use the RUSRE form. For more information, please see Undesirable Research Events.

Study Closure Form (docx): When your study is complete, we need to know. Please submit the Study Closure Form to indicate that your study is done. For more information, please see Study Closure.

Administration Permission Form (docx): If you are conducting research in an educational setting, you are required to receive permission for the appropriate administrator before you can conduct your study. This form documents permission and should be submitted before you start data collection. Please see Education for more information.

Paying Participants Form (docx): If you are paying participants with UVa or State funds, you need to complete the Paying Participants form to insure that your payment procedure is recorded appropriately for tax purposes (per the Procurement Services Office). For more information, please see Paying Participants.

Requesting Digital Copies Form (docx): If you are missing a document in your files, you can request a digital copy from our office. Complete the Digital Copies Request Form and email it to Your digital copy (PDF) will be processed and sent to you via email within 3-5 days, depending on the queue in our office. For more information, please see Record Keeping and Requesting Digital Copies.

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