Institutional Review Board for Social and Behavioral Research (IRB-SBS)

iProtocol Guide

Adding Personnel to the Protocol

This section will help you describe to the Board the individuals involved in the study, the basic role they play, and their training for human subjects research. The Board needs to know who will fill the following roles: Principal Investigator, Contact Person, Faculty Sponsor (where appropriate) and Research Team (Sub-Investigators), as well as the designated Department Chair (in most cases the principal investigator’s department chair).

All UVA individuals listed as Principal Investigators, Faculty Sponsors, and members of the Research Team are required to have CITI training; non-UVA individuals can take the UVA CITI training or provide us with an equivalent training certification from their institution. CITI training is connected to an individual’s UVA identification and is automatically uploaded into the protocol when the individual is added to the protocol. For more information on CITI training, see CITI training.

You can add Personnel in any order but note that the Faculty Sponsor is only available when the Principal Investigator is added and marked as a “graduate student” or “undergraduate student.”

Adding Personnel:
  1. Select the “Edit” link next to the desired category.
  2. Search for the individual using their UVA Identification and select “Click here to search.”* If you don’t know their identification, you can look in the drop-down menu (populated alphabetically by individuals already added to a protocol in iProtocol) or you can use the UVA Search page; select “click here to select.”
  3. On the next page, verify that the correct person was selected. For Principal Investigators, select the correct category for the PI: Faculty, Staff, Graduate, or Undergraduate Student. Select “assign to protocol.” You will receive a confirmation that the change was made. “Return to Protocol” to continue completing the protocol.
  4. If an individual needs to be changed or removed, select the appropriate link next to the individual’s name. Please note: When an individual is added to the protocol as Principal Investigator, Faculty Sponsor, or Research Team member, their current CITI training is also displayed. If CITI training is not displayed, training is not active and must be completed before the protocol can be approved.

*If a user doesn’t have UVA Identification (Netbadge), they can't be added to iProtocol until they have a Netbadge account. We are currently revising this process but in order to add a non-UVA researcher at this time, they need a sponsored Netbadge account. For more information, please see Process for Sponsored Accounts If obtaining a sponsored account is an issue for your study, contact our office for additional help.

  • Verify that the personnel information is entered correctly.
  • Verify that CITI training is valid.