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Maintaining :: Modifications :: Submitting a modification form

Submitting a Modification Form

Any modification that is not listed in the previous section needs to be reported via the Modification Form.  To submit a modification, please do the following:

  • Submit one electronic copy of the Modification Form as a cover sheet to the proposed changes.
  • Submit electronic copies of any materials affected by the modification, such as the Protocol Form, Consent Form(s), instrument(s), advertisement(s), etc.  Modify the documents so that they reflect the changed procedures.  To highlight the changes in the document(s), use the “Track Changes” feature in Microsoft Word (please use where possible). To enable the Track Changes feature, go to Tools: Track Changes. Please note that to show the changes made in the document, enable the Track Changes feature first before you make any changes to the document. 
  • Submit one signed copy of the Modification Form.

Email electronic copies to; include "modification" and the protocol number in the subject line and include the Principal Investigator's name in the email body. Signed materials can be submitted by mail, fax (924-1992), or email (scanned document to Go to Mail Submissions for more information.

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