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How Do I Develop a Consent Procedure?

The consent process is a conversation between the researcher and the participant, so in order to develop a good consent procedure, you need to understand the needs of your participants.  For example, what is the anticipated reading level of your participants? Do all of the participants speak English?  Are your participants capable of consenting (i.e. minors, adults with diminished capacity)?  Will the participants’ data be used in areas beyond the research project (i.e. in classrooms or archived in libraries)? Will the participants be deceived as a part of your study?  The answers to these questions will help determine what approach you need to take in developing an instructive consent procedure. 

In general, the Board will need to have a detailed understanding about how participants will be recruited to participate, how the consent information will be presented to them, and how their consent will be documented. This section details the requirements for consent that are outlined in the federal regulations as well as additional options that are available for participants that don’t fit the classic research scenario.

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