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Special Consent Situations

In most studies, the basic consent scenario should suffice for adult participants.  However, researchers don’t just study normal adults, so alternate consent procedures have been developed to accommodate other groups of participants. For example, some of these groups include “vulnerable populations” (i.e. populations that are unable to legally give consent) such as minors and prisoners, and "risk-sensitive populations" (i.e. populations that are more susceptible to risk). Guidance for developing consent procedures for various groups exists throughout the Researchers Guide and following list provides links to this information.  

Parent Consent/ Child Assent
Surrogate Consent/ Assent
Prisoner Consent
Paying Participants
Certificate of Confidentiality/ Illegal Behavior
Research in an Educational Setting
Oral Consent
Ethnographic Research
Non-English speaking participants
Participant Debriefing
Using multi-media to collect data (i.e. video tapes, audio tapes, photography)
Child Abuse
Domestic Abuse
Suicide Threat
Participant Pools: Educational Debriefing
Participant Pools: Psychology

Potential for Coerced Consent
Compensation for Injury

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