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Instruments and Tests

There is a large variety of instruments and tests, from simple puzzles given to children to complex picture tests given to adults using computers. The primary consideration for these tests is first, the risk they present to the participant, and second, whether the data collected from the participant poses any risk to the participant.  On one end, if a participant is able to access the test anonymously via the internet and the content of the test is benign, the test functions similarly to an anonymous survey and should qualify for exemption. As anonymity decreases and risk increases, so does the requirement for consent. If the participant’s identity will be known by the researcher, you should provide a consent form to the participant. As for the tests, it is important for the Board to understand what the test is and how it will affect the participant. Please provide the Board with paper copies of the test (where possible) and/or additional documents to describe the test. The Board will want to see what the participant will see, so in some cases it may be necessary to demonstrate the test to the Board or Board member (for the more complex and risky tests and instruments).

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