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Reporting Unsafe or Illegal Behaviors

This section specifically summarizes reporting regulations for public schools; for a more complete discussion, please see Specific and Immediate Threats.

Who should report?
Schools are obligated to provide an atmosphere that is “free of disruption and threats to person or property and supportive of individual rights” (Virginia Code of Law, Sections 22.1-253. 13:7.D. 3). As a guest in a school, the Board asks that you support the school’s objective by reporting incidents that may inhibit the learning environment and provide potential harm to the students.  

How do I report? If you have questions regarding what should be reported, council with the principal regarding the situation. The principal will be able to assess the incident and determine the course of action. Under the Code of Virginia, the principal is provided with specific incidents that must be reported to a legal authority, such as assault, drug or alcohol use, theft, threats against school personnel, carrying a firearm, illegal conduct with an explosive device, bomb threats or false bomb threats, etc, if they occur on school property, on a school bus, or at a school related activity. Beyond legal infractions, a student may be a victim of bullying or may be a bully, for example, and it may be necessary to discuss the situation with the principal to alleviate the situation.  The school will have guidelines regarding how and when parents are contacted and what action will take place. 

For more information about threats and harm to others, please refer to the Virginia Board of Education’s Student Conduct Policy Guidelines: 22.71-272.1.

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