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Waste of Student's Educational Time

The Board and the school district will want assurances from the researcher that the proposed activity will not interfere with or lessen the basic education that would have been provided if the student was not involved in the study.  (The Board requires an Administration Permission Form to document the school's approval; this form must be completed in order to collect data in a school.) If the student is involved in an activity that will not meet this requirement, please consider conducting the study at another time outside the classroom setting.  Also, in order for a study to be considered normal educational practice, each student should be able to participate in the classroom activity regardless of whether they participate in the data collection part of the study.  No student should be removed from a classroom if that student is not participating in the study unless the student is given opportunity to participate in another class where the same educational benefit would be received.

The Board recognizes that a school district will most likely act to benefit their students and is unlikely to approve of a study that wastes student time.  The Board will consider the recommendations of the school district in determining whether a study qualifies as normal educational practice.

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