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Modifying the Informed Consent Process for Ethnographic Studies

The consent process outlined in the Basic Consent Scenario section describes the baseline expectation for obtaining consent from participants, as described in the federal regulations. However, this scenario does not always fit every research study nor is it adequate for providing informed consent to all participants, and there is some flexibility in modifying the informed consent process. If you feel that it is necessary to provide your participants with a modified informed consent process, it is important that you provide a complete and accurate description of the process, and provide justification as to why the process is necessary and will provide the best informed consent opportunity for your participants. Including information about cultural norms, language issues, and other important factors will help the Board to understand your population and why it is necessary to approach the population in the manner in which you recommend. As you develop your procedure, it is important that you consider not only the informed consent meeting, but also the recruitment process and how you will document consent.

Section Topics:

Participant Recruitment
Informed Consent Meeting
Documenting Consent

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