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Informed Consent Meeting

Depending on your study, consent could occur as a casual conversation evolves into an interview, or it may happen during a more formal appointment. It is important to understand when a chat with an individual turns into human subjects research and when it is appropriate to conduct a more formal consent procedure; this information is described in the Interview section (as well as discussed in the Study Participants section).  For situations where it may not be appropriate for you to use a consent form, the Board will provide you with an Oral Consent Card. This card outlines all of the points that are important for you to cover in a consent conversation and you should use it as a guide when talking to participants about the study. Again, if you think it is necessary for you to use the Oral Consent Card instead of the consent form, please provide justification for doing so. When your study is approved/exempted, you will receive a laminated version of the Oral Consent Card for your use in the field.

Consent is an on-going process and a participant’s willingness to participate may change over time, so it is important to continue the dialog with your participant, particularly as your level of intimacy with the participant increases. Ultimately the Board will depend on your expertise in the field to act in the best interests of your participants in accordance with what is described in your protocol.

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