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How Do I Report a Threat?

The Code of Virginia states that doing one of the following actions will satisfy your duty to report:

  • Seek involuntary admission of the client under Chapter 8 (ยง 37.2-800 et seq.) of Title 37.2.
  • Make reasonable attempt to warn the potential victims or the parent or guardian of the potential victim if the potential victim is under the age of 18.
  • Make reasonable effort to notify a law-enforcement official having jurisdiction in the client's or potential victim's place of residence or place of work, or place of work of the parent or guardian if the potential victim is under age 18, or both.
  • Takes steps reasonably available to the provider to prevent the client from using physical violence or other means of harm to others until the appropriate law-enforcement agency can be summoned and takes custody of the client.
  • Provide therapy or counseling to the client or patient in the session in which the threat has been communicated until the mental health service provider reasonably believes that the client no longer has the intent or the ability to carry out the threat.

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