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Potential for Coerced Consent

This section outlines study scenarios where the relationship between participant and researcher could create a situation where consent is less than voluntary.  Often researchers do not intend to coerce consent but the nature of the relationship makes a participant feel as if they are required to participate. This section covers the employee/employer relationship, student/professor relationship, and doctor/patient relationship (where the researcher has the position of authority) and how to navigate these specific situations. However, this list is not meant to be all-inclusive; when you write your protocol, evaluate your relationship with your participants and make sure that you have considered any possible scenarios where your participant may feel pressured to participate in the study.

Section Topics

Employees as Participants
>>Studies Funded by an Institution, Company, State, Program, etc
>>Studies Initiated by the Researcher
>>Employer/ Supervisor as the Researcher
University Students as Participants
Doctor/ Patient (or client) Relationship in Research
>>Recruitment and Consent
>>Medical Records and HIPAA

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