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Who Is a Legally Authorized Representative?

According to the Code of Virginia, "Legally authorized representative" means, in the following specified order of priority:

  1. the parent or parents having custody of a prospective subject who is a minor,
  2. the agent appointed under an advance directive, as defined in Ā§ 54.1-2982, executed by the prospective subject, provided the advance directive authorizes the agent to make decisions regarding the prospective subject's participation in human research,
  3. the legal guardian of a prospective subject,
  4. the spouse of the prospective subject, except where a suit for divorce has been filed and the divorce decree is not yet final,
  5. an adult child of the prospective subject,
  6. a parent of the prospective subject when the subject is an adult,
  7. an adult brother or sister of the prospective subject or
  8. any person or judicial or other body authorized by law or regulation to consent on behalf of a prospective subject. This person(s) cannot have any association with the agency conducting the human research.
No official or employee of the institution or agency conducting or authorizing the research shall be qualified to act as a legally authorized representativeā€ (32.1-162.16).

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