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Resources :: Guide :: Paying participants :: Form guide for studies where payment is funded by U.Va. or state funds

Form Guide for Studies Where Payment is Funded by U.Va. or State Funds (Including Grants)

There are four categories for the various payment scenarios based on the amount paid to the participant, level of risk to the participant, and the method for paying the participant. Depending on which category your study fits into, you will have specific requirements for your payment method.  If you have questions about where your study fits and what requirements you need to meet, please contact our office.  There may be instances where special considerations and adjustments need to be made and our office can assess needs on an individual basis.

The Paying Participants form provides more details about the four payment categories and will guide you in providing the necessary information to the Board. Complete this form and submit it with your protocol form. In addition, you should provide information in the consent form(s) describing the payment process including what information you will collect and why you need to collect it. Assure participants that you will not link this information with their study data. Please add the following warning: "Please note that because this payment is issued through state funds, if you owe money to the state through unpaid taxes, traffic tickets, etc, the state will withhold your payment to cover unpaid balances."

Once your form is received by our office, we will send you further instructions regarding your payment procedures.

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