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Curry Pool

Although all students in Curry are invited to participate in the pool, only the incoming class is specifically asked to participate.  Students are invited during their Foundations of Education class.  After consenting to participate in the pool, students agree to release their core data (high school and college records, SAT, GRE, and PRAXIS scores, if applicable), as well as complete several online surveys or research tasks.

Credit Hours
The students agree to complete at least 5 credit hours of participant pool studies. Credit hours are awarded based on the amount of time required to complete the study (i.e. .5 credit hours for a thirty minute survey).

Debriefing Participants
The researcher is required to debrief the participants when the study is completed.  The purpose of the debriefing is to enhance the educational experience of the students participating in the research and help them to pursue research questions of their own (for more information, please see Educational Debriefing Sessions).

Storing Data
The data collected from participants in the Curry Pool will be stored in a data warehouse on the Curry School server.  The data will not contain names but will be identified by a multi-digit code; the master list and code will be kept by Dr. Nancy Spekman.  In order for Curry faculty and students to access the data, the pool must be larger than 500, the researcher must have IRB approval, and the researcher must have approval from the Teaching Assessment Initiative Grant Review Committee (now the Research Advisory Council).  Researchers are required to sign an agreement that they will not share the data with other students or staff and they will delete the requested information when their research is complete.  Researchers will only be provided with the data fields that are necessary to complete their studies.

Non-participating Students
If a student decides not to participate in the pool, alternative assignments are available.  Students can read an article in an education journal and write a two-page paper analyzing the article.  Each paper is worth one credit hour and students who don’t participate in the pool must complete five papers.  If a student in the participant pool decides to withdraw from a study and is short the required credit hours, the student may also complete the alternative assignment option to supplement the requirement (i.e. if a student needs three more credits, he or she can write three papers). If there are not enough study opportunities provided to meet the five credit hour requirement, participant pool students will not be required to complete the full requirement and non-participants will be exempted from writing papers.

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