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Psychology Pool

The Psychology Department maintains a protocol with the IRB-SBS to allow them to test participants in the department for future studies (approx. 900 participants).  The participants take a variety of questionnaires (the number changes each year depending on who is using the pool) via the Internet; their responses are kept in a confidential database.  Researchers who are interested in targeting particular groups of students will use the information in the database to contact students to participate in their studies.  Some sections of the pre-test require special permission to access due to the sensitive nature of the questions being asked.

The database can also be used for research if the researcher obtains the information stripped of identifiers. 
Students who participate in studies via the participant pool earn class participation credit that is awarded based on the length of time required for the study. The students are encouraged to participate in studies as part of their educational experience in the behavioral sciences.  In order to enhance this experience, the Board requires researchers who use the participant pool to provide the participants with a debriefing statement explaining in greater detail the study and research process.

Please note that only students enrolled in Fall and Spring courses will receive credit. If you are including participants from the Psychology Participant Pool in a study, please make students aware of this fact. Consider including the following text in your consent form:

Payment: You will receive either ___ experimental credits or $____ for completing today’s session. Note: experimental credit for the Department of Psychology Participant Pool is only available during the Fall or Spring semester when you are enrolled in a participating psychology class.

 For a more detailed description of the Psychology Pool, please see:  

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