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Creating a New Participant Pool

The regulations for organizing a participant pool are outlined in an IRB protocol and are reviewed by the IRB-SBS Board for approval. If you are creating a new participant pool, the information about the pool will need to be submitted as if you are submitting a protocol. Please provide the following information to the board with information:

  • An individual who will oversee the pool (i.e. the primary investigator)
  • How the participants will be contacted about the pool
  • What the participants will need to do in order to participate
  • What instruments they will take (if any)
  • How their information will be distributed to interested researchers
  • A detailed description of the alternative activities* for earning credit that the students can do if they decide not to participate in a study
  • A consent form that describes this information to the participant and describe how consent will be obtained.

If you have questions regarding creating a new participant pool, please contact Bronwyn Blackwood.

* Please note that alternative activities need to be accessible to different academic levels (i.e. first year versus a fourth year) and the student should be able to complete the project in an amount of time that is comparable to their participation in a study.

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