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Publicly Available Data Sets

Data collected by various government agencies and academic institutions make their data available to the public for research purposes.  Any data set that is made available to the public and does not require special permission to access the data is considered a publicly available data set.  Publicly available data sets are exempt.  In addition, there are data sets that do not require IRB review except in the case where the data sets are merged with other data or if the data archive requires IRB review.  These data sets are:   

Additional data sets and archives may quality for inclusion on this list. Investigators who wish to have a specific data set or data archive considered for inclusion on this list should submit the following information to

  1. In the email subject, please add the following: IRB-SBS archival data set review
  2. The name of data set or data archive; and
  3. The URL for the data set/archive or other specific information on how to obtain the data set; and
  4. An abstract that describes the content and potential uses of the data set/archive.

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