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Educational Settings and Research Participants

What is an educational setting?  The federal regulations do not specify that normal educational practice takes place in schools only.  The IRB-SBS defines an educational setting as any setting where one would go in order to have an educational experience.  For example, a public school would certainly qualify, as would an after-school club or program, a Boy or Girl Scout meeting, or even a professional development seminar for school district personnel.

Who are the research participants?  The participants should include those involved in the educational experience, which mostly likely will include the teacher(s), student(s), and possibly the administration.  Participants that are indirectly involved in the educational experience may be included in the study, but they may not be exempt under normal educational practice, thus requiring additional consent procedures, etc.  For example, interviewing a principal may require that you use a consent form due to the fact that this occurs outside the classroom and may not be considered normal educational practice.  Participants can include populations with special educational needs, though the Board will expect you to demonstrate your ability to sensitively work with these populations.

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