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Full Board Review

If the protocol is sent to the full board for review, it is subject to deadlines set by our office so that we can put together packets of materials for our board members to review.  The packets and the agenda need to be created a few days ahead of the meeting so that the board members have enough time to properly review all of the materials for the meeting.  (Our board members are not part of the full-time staff; they are generally faculty and community members that have responsibilities beyond the IRB. To see a list of our Board members, please see Staff and Board Members.)  Our office sets the agenda at 9 AM on the Monday prior to the Board meeting.  At this point, your protocol should have already gone through the pre-review process and is in its final version, ready for the Board to review it. Do not send a newly submitted protocol to the IRB-SBS on Monday with the expectation that it will make the next IRB-SBS meeting.  All protocols must be pre-reviewed before they are added to a full board agenda. For a list of our meeting dates, please see Events.

A protocol is generally sent to the full board because of the level of risk to participants. If your protocol is likely to be more than “minimally risky” to the participants and if you need to have the protocol reviewed by a certain meeting, we recommend that you submit your protocol at least two weeks prior to the meeting date (in order to accommodate for the pre-review period). Please let our staff know if you need to have a protocol reviewed by a certain meeting. Please note that we cannot guarantee a protocol will be reviewed by that date. A protocol that is sent to the full board requires one month for review; the Board cannot accommodate last minute requests for full board reviews.  In developing your protocol, please plan for adequate time for IRB review.

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