Barry Gumbiner, PhD Chair, Department of Cell Biology
  Cell Adhesion and Morphogenesis  
Ray Keller, PhD Department of Biology
  Cellular and molecular mechanisms of morphogenesis
Associate Director  
Douglas DeSimone, PhD Department of Cell Biology
    Cell Adhesion and Adhesion-Dependent Cell Signaling in Vertebrate Morphogenesis
  Ian Macara, PhD Department of Microbiology, Center for Cell Signaling
  Department of Neuroscience
  Department of Biology
    Planar signaling, polarity and morphogenesis
  Judith White, PhD Department of Cell Biology
    ADAMs in Cell Migration, Virus Entry Into Cells
  Department of Cell Biology
  Department of Cell Biology
    Development of the cerebral cortex
Erik Fernandez, PhD Department of Chemical Engineering
    Adsorption & Aggregation of Proteins, Molecular Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease
Department of Chemistry
Department of Pediatrics
Vice President, UVA Research and Public Service
    Ontogeny of renin-angiotensin system, differentiation of the juxtaglomerular cell
Robert Grainger, PhD Department of Biology
    Molecular embryology--gene regulation in cells committed to specific developmental lineages
Carla Green, PhD Department of Biology
Department of Cell Biology
Director, Cell Migration Consortium
    Synapse Formation and Cell Migration; Adhesion, Signaling, Imaging and Proteomics
Department of Neuroscience
Victoria Norwood, MD Department of Pediatrics
    Cyclooxygenase and eicosanoid regulation of kidney development and maldevelopment
Martin Schwartz, PhD Department of Microbiology and the Cardiovascular Research Center
    Integrin Signaling and Its Relevance to Mechanotransduction, Cancer and Vascular Disease
Thomas Skalak, PhD VP of Research
    Vascular and Molecular Engineering
Avril Somlyo, PhD Department of Molecular, Physiological, and Biological Physics
    Signaling pathways that regulate cell contractility, studies of the intercalated disk in the heart
2002-2003 Planning Committee Members

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