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May 2013

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New Crowdfunding Site Allows Public to Advance UVA Research Projects Through Targeted Donations
UVA Innovation launched the University of Virginia’s first crowdfunding website this week, enabling alumni and others to make targeted, tax-deductible donations in support of specific research and development projects under way at the University. CONTINUE READING

The UVA Global Water-Games Project
Following more than 100 gameplays with educational institutions and public and private sector organizations here and in Australia, Brazil, and Canada, the UVA Bay Game team has designed a generalizable Global Water Games template to support the rapid development of simulations of any watershed on the planet. CONTINUE READING

Researchers Fight Childhood Malnutrition
UVA has launched a global war to fight childhood malnutrition. Researchers are going around the world to study the issue and they say the impacts could be felt right here in central Virginia. CONTINUE READING

New Program to Unlock Potential of Children with ADHD
Researchers in a new program at the Curry School of Education are seeking ways to unlock the potential of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. “The end goal is we’re trying to look at ADHD from a positive youth development perspective,” said research professor Michael Kofler.

UVA, NSF Partner on Nanosystems Engineering Research Center on Self-Powered Health Monitoring
The University of Virginia and three other universities will partner on a national nanotechnology research effort to create self-powered devices to help people monitor their health and better understand how their environment affects it, the National Science Foundation announced today. CONTINUE READING

Researchers’ New Diagnostic Test Can Identify Each Person’s Optimal Salt Intake
Researchers in the School of Medicine have cut through conflicting advice about salt consumption by demonstrating that each person has a “personal salt index,” an upper limit on daily salt consumption for good health. In addition, they have developed a test to determine that level – and to identify people who should consume more salt.

Inaugural ‘TEDxUVA’
A slate of speakers on topics ranging from civic activism to religion will present Saturday during the first-ever TEDxUVA an independently organized series of “TED talks” put together by students at UVA. CONTINUE READING

Scalpel-Free Brain Surgery Produces Positive Results in Essential Tremor Trial
A preliminary clinical trial of a scalpel-free form of brain surgery that uses sound waves to treat essential tremor – a progressive neurological disease that affects millions – has produced positive results that warrant large-scale testing, a School of Medicine researcher announced. CONTINUE READING

Promising New Antibiotic Targets Potentially Deadly Gut Infections
Researchers in the School of Medicine have developed a promising new antibiotic to treat potentially deadly gastrointestinal infections without harming the beneficial probiotic bacteria that help prevent relapse. CONTINUE READING

UVA Students Developing New Model to Treat Cerebral Aneurysms
For their engineering capstone project, three undergraduate students are researching new design approaches for coils used to treat aneurysms in the brain. CONTINUE READING

‘Roadmap’ of Human Metabolism Offers New Understanding of Cancer, Obesity, More
“Metabolism is central to much of our body’s function, and this model captures thousands of different metabolic processes,” explained Jason Papin, a researcher in the School of Medicine involved in the project. “We start with the human genome. This modeling effort is a way to functionalize the genome, a way to make value out of that sequence information. CONTINUE READING



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