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Thomas C. Skalak

Thomas C. Skalak

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VP for Research

Industry Partnerships

VonageIndustry partnerships present a terrific opportunity for collaborative exploration, with potential outcomes ranging from concrete strategic knowledge to an enriched culture at both the corporation and UVA.

Industry is increasingly looking to universities as partners to produce novel and interesting ideas. University of Virginia is working with our partners to develop cutting-edge knowledge to address specific problems and increase basic scientific understanding in strategic areas of focus.  Partnering with UVA gives companies access our students as a source of highly skilled, innovative, future employees poised to enter the global marketplace. As well as our faculty and research staff who offer extensive knowledge and problem solving.

Our industry partners provide access to resources, both financial and technological, that leverages our respective strengths and enhances opportunities for our faculty and students to work on ground breaking research.  Currently, we have several robust industry partnerships with corporations such as: AstraZeneca, Vonage, Nike, Alcoa, Lockheed Martin, Altria, Hearst Business Media, Rolls Royce, Johnson & Johnson, ATCC, MeadWestvaco, General Electric and Pfizer.


Vonage: “Universities have the largest concentration of expertise in multiple disciplines making them breeding grounds for innovation, yet these resources remain largely untapped by corporations,” Marc Lefar, Vonage CEO said. “Our work with OpenGrounds will help to harness that creativity to stimulate disruptive thinking and innovation, benefiting business and society.”

AstraZeneca: "We found a happy convergence of leadership styles between AstraZeneca and UVa in our shared philosophy of risk-taking, outcomes focus, and collaboration-based research."

Wallace H. Coulter Foundation: "This program started out as a grand experiment to link the relatively new discipline of biomedical engineering to translational research," Sue Van, president of the Coulter Foundation, said. “We are extremely proud of the advancements achieved by the University of Virginia in moving projects through the Coulter Process so that these advances will benefit patients.” 

HearstUniversities are among the most diverse organizations on earth and offer comprehensive learning and research opportunities, creating fertile ground for disruptive thinking and integrative advances.

For more information on how you can get involved please contact Sharon Krueger ( or 434.243.1407).