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Who oversees research at U.Va?

The Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies serves as the chief research officer for the University. The office is responsible for the management and staffing of the Institutional Review Boards.

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) is an independent group of professionals designated to review and approve a research study, including its set plan ("a protocol"), informed consent forms, study advertisements, and patient brochures, to ensure that the study is safe and effective for human participation. It is the IRB's responsibility to ensure that the study adheres to all government regulations.

The University of Virginia is committed to protecting the rights and ensuring the safety of human subjects participating in research. This is done through two separate IRBs, both of which operate under the Assurance of Compliance the University has filed with National Institutes of Health (NIH) as required by law.

The first IRB is the Institutional Review Board for Health Sciences Research, which reviews all medically invasive research conducted on human subjects.
The second IRB is the Institutional Review Board for Social and Behavioral Sciences, which reviews all non-medical behavioral human research (studies which are considered medically non-invasive).

In addition, the Post Approval Monitoring (PAM) Program assures human subject safety in research, provides education to research professionals, and identifies strengths and areas for improvement in research practice.



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