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Research Policies & Procedures

Application of Indirect Cost Rates
Intellectual Property
Grant Submission
Equipment & Computing
Budget & Financial Issues
Research Conduct Policies

Intellectual Property

Conflict of Interest.
The University's current statement on conflict of interest issues, including professional ethics with regard to students, spouses also employed by the University, and contracts with other state agencies. Go.

The University's current copyright policy with elaborations on the intent of the copyright policy, the "work for hire" rule, ownership, university resources, and descriptions of roles of university offices. Go.

The administrative procedure for implementation of the University's copyright policy as currently followed by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. Go.

The University's current policy on patents, including statement of the policy's intention, definitions of university research and researchers, descriptions of roles of various university administrative offices, and royalty distribution. Go.

U.Va. Innovation. Go.

Patent Policy Agreement Form. Form (PDF).

Objectivity in Research. Go.

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Grant Submission

Office of Sponsored Programs
The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for the review and processing of all grants and contracts applications and proposals, whether federal or non-federal, including continuations, extensions, renewals, supplements, and transfer applications for all departments and schools outside the School of Medicine. This review and processing constitutes "institutional approval." OSP manages post award accounting for all sponsored projects. Go.
A new guidebook has been designed to assist research administrators. Topics range widely to include: documentation needed for internal and sponsor-related requirements, budget preparation, the use of animals and humans in research, research related purchasing and account reconciliation. Go.
Cost Accounting Standards information
Fringe Benefits rates
Indirect Cost rates
Proposal and award information (NIH, NSF, and VCIT deadlines)
Office of Grants & Contracts Administration
Forms & Deadlines
Internal Funding

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Equipment & Computing

Property Accounting Overview
Acquisition of Research Equipment and Materials
Lease Versus Purchase Policy
Equipment Title, Disposition and Subcontracts (Government Policy)
Transfer of Research Equipment FROM the University
Transfer of Research Equipment TO the University
Equipment Inventory Requirements
Use of University Equipment
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Budget & Financial Issues

Compliance With Sponsor Requirements
Preliminary Account Request
Consistent Treatment of Sponsored Program Costs
Budgeting Direct Costs of Sponsored Programs
Indirect Costs
Determination of On-Grounds/Off-Grounds Status
Administrative and Clerical Salaries
Sponsored Program Deficit Accounts

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Research Conduct Policies

University Research Ethics Committees
Record Keeping (Notebook) Policy
Classified Research Policy
Academic Freedom
Professional Ethics
Policy on Research Misconduct
Consulting Policy
Professional Research Staff
Payroll: Foreign Nationals
Student Employment
Use of University Facilities
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