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Compensation for postdoctoral Research Associates (i.e. employees) is governed by the University’s “Wage Authorization” document. This document is updated annually. The salary range for 2010-11 is $33,300 to $77,600. Compensation for postdoctoral Fellows is governed by the agency providing funding, and therefore varies based on the source of funds. FY10 stipend levels for the National Research Service Award (NRSA) are:

Years of
Post-Graduate Experience


















There are federal and state tax differences between salaried postdoctoral Research Associates and postdoctoral Fellows receiving a stipend. The National Postdoctoral Association has created an “Overview of Tax Issues for
,” which provides information on tax withholding, reporting fellowship income, filing estimated taxes, FICA, self-employment tax and taxes for the international postdoc.

Student Loan Deferral

Some student loans from U.S. lending institutions may be eligible for payment deferral during your postdoctoral training. Research Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows should contact Postdoctoral Programs at or 434-243-2018 to request status verification and institutional signature on the required deferment form.

Education related deferment forms can be obtained at the National Student Loan Program web site.

Lending agencies may differ in their deferral requirements. The lender, not the University of Virginia, will make the final determination regarding whether your loan is eligible for payment deferral.


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