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Resilience Seed Grants

  • 2016 Call for Proposals
  • 2016 Funding Recipients

    1: Modeling Community Health Resilience for Healthy Cities $50,000
    Investigators: Jennifer Roe, Architecture; Dan Becker, SOM-Public Health Sciences; Sally Pusede, Environmental Sciences; Camille Burnett, Nursing; Sophie Trawalter, Batten; Joshua Yates,(IASC) Institute For Advanced Studies in Culture

    2: Political Economy of Foreign Land Acquisition: The Role of Gender. $48,760.00
    Investigators:Sonal Pandya, Politics; Paolo D’Odorico, Environmental Sciences

    3: Engendering Local Stewardship through Citizen Science at Friendship Court $21,670.00
    Investigators:Barbara Wilson, Architecture; Teresa Culver, Engineering; Nancy Deutsch, Curry; Andrew Mondschein, Architecture;  Byungkyu (Brian) Park, Engineering; Tanya Denckla Cobb, Institute Environmental Negotiation; T. Donna Chen, Engineering

    4: Norfolk Coastal Resilience Study: Planning for Sea Level Rise at Harbor Park $20,000.00
    Investigators: Phoebe  Crisman, Architecture; Mark White, Commerce; Ellen Bassett, Urban & Environmental Planning

    5: Adaptive Management of Urban Infrastructure for Addressing Recurrent Flooding Challenges in Coastal Cities $40,000.00 Investigators: Jon Goodall, Civil and Environmental Engineering; T. Donna Chen, Engineering; Kamin Whitehouse, Computer Science; Michael Gorman, Engineering and Society

    6:Resilient Settlement and Productive Aquatic Landscapes: Framing Long Term Redevelopment Strategies for Virginia’s Coastal Communities $28,000.00
    Investigators: Alex Wall, Architecture; Tanya Denckla Cobb, Institute Environmental Negotiation; Jon Goodall, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Matthew Reidenbach, Environmental Sciences; Jorg Sieweke, Architecture


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    Virginia Coast Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)

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