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Sheridan G. Snyder Translational Research Building

The Sheridan G. Snyder Translational Research Building was completed in the spring of 2008.  The Snyder building will accommodate the urgent need for additional research space and accelerate the development of high-priority interdisciplinary research groups.

The building facilitates scientific themes that span multiple departments, and which are among the University’s most prominent and promising research focus areas. 

The building supports existing faculty members who are currently limited by inadequate space, as well as new faculty.  The branding of the building as a place where unifying and exciting research occurs will also act as an attractor for faculty candidates who are highly recruited in their field.  Both of these will serve to fulfill the Board of Visitors' vision to increase the quality and status of the research enterprise at the University of Virginia.

480 progress 480 progress
Snyder building progress - February 2008

Construction on the Snyder building was completed in the spring of 2008. The 85,000 square foot building is located in the Fontaine Research Park. By locating the building at Fontaine Research Park, there is the capability of linking basic, clinical, and applied research.  Fontaine Research Park currently houses basic research for the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism in the Aurbach Medical Research Building.  It also accommodates the Imaging Center, the Digestive Health Center, and clinics for endocrinology, otolaryngology, and neurology in the Clinical Office Building.

See the site plan and north and south elevations.



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