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Eight Schools

The developers of the UVa Bay Game

UVa Bay Game development is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research

The faculty team includes representatives from 10 departments from eight academic units:

Thomas C. Skalak  Vice President for Research
Jeffrey Plank   Associate Vice President for Research

Gerard P. Learmonth Sr.   Systems and Information Engineering, School of Engineering
Michael C. Purvis   Systems and Information Engineering, School of Engineering
Winston Lung   Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering
P. Paxton Marshall   Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Engineering

David E. Smith   Environmental Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
James Galloway   Environmental Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences

William Sherman   Architecture, School of Architecture
Eric M. Field   Architecture, School of Architecture

Jonathan Z. Cannon   Environmental Law, School of Law
Leon Szyptecki   Environmental Law, School of Law

David Feldon   Curriculum and Instruction, Curry School of Education
Jennifer Elliott   Ph.D Candidate, Curry School of Education

Richard L. Guerrant, MD   Center for Global Health, School of Medicine

Mark White   Finance, McIntire School of Commerce

Robert Landel   General Management, Darden School of Business

Project Development

Project development team:
Gerry Learmonth, with graduate students in Systems and Computer Engineering; software development consultant (Chris Soderquist, Pontifex Consulting).

Interface Development team:
Eric Field, with undergraduate students in Architecture.

Five graduate students from Gerry Learmonth’s spring 2009 systems integration seminar developed and assembled the Game components and built the initial interface:
J. Barrett Strausser, Jie Xing, Michael Purvis, Zhenyu Guo, Matthew White.

Another five graduate students in the spring 2010 systems integration seminar refined the systems model and developed new components:
Susan Brooks, Jeffrey Demarest, Alexander Fink, Avinash Pillutla, Xiao Zhou.

Four undergraduate students a the spring 2010 information visualization seminar developed and built the new game interface and bay information graphics:
A.J. Artemel, Jessica Brown, Mike Perry, Joanne Tu.

A student advisory group assisted in Game planning and milestone evaluations:
Elizabeth Tilton, Gregory Tilton, Carter Ware, Lane Ware, Michelle Henry, Jenny Rheuban, Emma Siegfried, Andrew Clark, Brandon Conroy, Matthew Smith.

144 U.Va. students tested the Game in the first production run in April 2009. Four other courses across Environmental Science, Engineering, and Environmental Law have played the game since.


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