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Formal gardens at Morven

Morven and its setting are considered an epitome of a Piedmont Virginia estate. Within the bounds of farm, fields, and the forested slope of Carter’s Mountain, the focal point of the estate is the main house and its gardens.

In the formal garden, entry gates, and other prominent features, Morven’s landscape is significant for the integrity of its 1930s design by prominent landscape architect Annette Hoyt Flanders. Research projects are exploring the influence of earlier designers and owners as well, as the property transitioned from plantation agriculture dependent on enslaved workers into a country estate by the end of the 19th century.

Morven has been featured every year since the beginning of the Garden Week tours in 1929, and is proud to continue this tradition of celebrating Virginia’s finest homes and gardens. And Morven’s outstanding botanical collection provides an exceptional resource for the Horticulture program at Piedmont Virginia Community College.



The Flanders entrance gate at Morven