Polyfaces and Sustainable Food Panel Nov 7

Following the premier of Polyfaces, a documentary detailing agricultural techniques at the sustainability-focused Polyface Farm, join us for a U.Va. Food Collaborative-sponsored discussion with filmmakers Lisa Heenan and Darren Doherty, Joel Salatin, our own Tanya Cobb (U.Va), and moderator Brian Wheeler.

Film details:

4:45 PM, Saturday, Nov 7, 2015
Director: Lisa Heenan and Isaebella DohertyFeaturing: Joel Salatin, Lucille Salatin, Teresa Salatin

Set amid the stunning Shenandoah Valley, this joyful documentary details the innovative agricultural techniques of Polyface Farm. Founded by the Salatin family, Polyface uses no chemicals in its food production and strives to produce food in a way that works with nature, not against it. Charming and insightful, this film is inspiring in its symbiotic relationships between local economies, communities, and the importance of healthy soil.