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Film Screening: A Chemical Reaction

By Lynda Fanning The UVa Food Collaborative’s final film screening of the year was April 24, and we showed A Chemical Reaction, directed by Paul Tukey. The film focuses primarily on the chemical pesticides and herbicides Americans lavish on their lawns, but points out that the same compounds are also used on food crops and gardens. Beyond corporate control of government policy, the film is also about the power of one persistent advocate who speaks out and ultimately changes community policies in Canada. The film covers the effects of these products on children, pets, adults, and neighbors (as “second-hand pesticides”), not to mention ... [more]

THURSDAY MAY 1--UVA Food Collaborative Student Research Symposium!

Please join us for the UVA Food Collaborative Student Research Symposium! Hear presentations from students on the moral ecology of food, eating identity and behavior, community food systems, and the black soldier fly, among other food-related research! Thursday, May 1, 3:30PM, OpenGrounds. Refreshments provided.

Food Collaborative takes a "Dive!" Into the Debate on Food Waste

Written by Lynda Fanning The UVA Food Collaborative hosted its 5th film screening of the academic year on April 1, showing DIVE!, written and directed by Jeffrey Seifert. The documentary examines the high food waste in this country, which is especially disturbing given the prevalence of hunger and the effect of food waste in landfills on the environment and climate change. The film did not dwell on food wasted by schools, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, hospitals, etc., and only slightly treated the wasted food of individual households; rather it focused on foods wasted by food stores/chains whose products reach the sell by date. Sta ... [more]

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Student Research Spotlight

Several UVA students recently presented their work on food and food-related systems at the Food Collaborative's Student Research Symposium. Check out their work here!

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