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Snapshot of Salaries & Benefits

Compensation Data for Entry Level Employees

As of January 2015
Starting Pay and Value of Benefits 1
Pay and Value of Benefits after Completion of Training 2
Hourly Salary
Health Care Benefit
Retirement Benefit
Social Security
Life Insurance equal to 2xsalary
VSDP Long Term Disability
Back up Child and Elder Care
Education Benefits
Supplemental Benefit Credit 4
Health Care Credit
Supplemental Retirement Cash Match
Sub Total Value of Benefits
$8.62 to 12.86
$8.72 to 12.96
Hourly Rate of Total Compensation
$20.38 – $24.62
$20.76 – $25.00
Annual Rate of Total Compensation
$42,390 - $51,210
$43,181 - $52,000

1Data reflect the value of the benefit paid by UVa.

2The University Essential WorkSkills program is a skills-based development program for front-line and entry-level staff. Upon completing the program, employees receive $600 per year salary increase. Nearly 300 participants have graduated from the program.

3The average is $4.45 per hour per employee.

4Credit of $450 applied for University Staff whose annualized salary is at or less than $42,000 to help offset the impact of benefit deductions on employees' take-home pay.

Highlights of benefits include:

-- Health Care: Includes not only medical insurance but also prescription, dental, mental health services and discount vision program.

-- Retirement Plan: U.Va. offers employer-paid participation in the Virginia Retirement System to all staff, as well as the Optional (Faculty) Retirement Plan to Managerial and Professional and Executive and Senior Administrative University Staff.

-- Supplemental Optional Life Insurance

-- Tax-Deferred Savings Plan: The University of Virginia offers an optional savings program that allows employees to tax-defer income and invest for the future. The University will match contributions at 50 percent up to $40 per month to either the University's 403(b) plan or the Commonwealth's 457 plan.

-- Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plans: The University provides eligible employees with both a short-term and long-term disability plan either through the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program or through The Standard, depending on the employee's retirement plan.

-- Generous Annual Paid Leave plus 12 or more paid days off for University holidays.

-- Flexible Reimbursement Accounts: The University of Virginia offers two types of reimbursement accounts — one for medical expenses and one for dependent care — that are exempt from personal income tax.

-- Faculty and Employee Assistance Program: The University offers employees confidential counseling and referral services for personal and financial problems.

-- Occupational Health Services: The University of Virginia's Occupational Health Services works to prevent illness and injury among employees and promote good health practices. The service also treats a limited number of illnesses and injuries occurring on the job and refers employees to a source of continuing health care.

-- Education Benefits: Under the Education Benefits Program, benefits-eligible employees with one year of benefits-eligible service have access to $2,000 per calendar year. The program covers education and professional development as well as non-credit courses. Courses taken during the work day require supervisor approval.

-- Backup Care options for child and elder care are provided to employees to address temporary breakdowns in regular child, adult and elder caregiving arrangements. The employee pays a low daily copayment for the services, which can be provided either at a center or in-home.

-- Career Services: Career service offerings are available to University employees at no charge. These include workshops on topics ranging from job searches to retirement planning.

-- Career Training and Development: Continuously improving skills and knowledge is essential for effective performance in current and future jobs. U.Va. offers a wide variety of training and development activities to support our employees' learning. Some of the newest offerings include Essential Workskills, Hoos Managing the U.Va. Way and the Supervisory Essential Certification Program.