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WAVE is a product of the Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM) organization, and it is a great tool for evaluating accessibility in web content.

One of the ways that the University of Virginia fulfills its commitment to equal opportunity and affirmative action is by making sure that our web sites are in compliance with federal and state laws, web best practices, and university policy.

In cooperation with the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator and others at the University, we are dedicated to:

We adhere to the principles of Universal Design, which is another term for accessibility. It is the principle that any one document or tool can be accessed by any user regardless of the instrument--visual browser, screen reader, mobile device--he or she is using. Accessibility enhances all web sites, allowing web users access on their own terms. For example, all content images and interactive media on web sites should have alternate or external text, such as transcripts or captions, that are informative, grammatically correct, and properly formatted. Alt tags for spacer or design images and images that do not provide content should be empty (alt=" ").